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February 20, 2019: Hosting of the KPFA Board Meeting

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February 20, 2019: Hosting of the Korea Pro-Footballer’s Association Board Meeting

Korea Pro-Footballer’s Association (‘KPFA’) hosted its first 2019 board meeting on February 20, 2019 7PM at Daejeon.

The meeting was attended by President Lee Keun-Ho, Director Yeom Ki-Hun, Director Park Joo-Ho, Director Yun Suk-Young, Director Jo Su-Huk, Director Kim Han-Sup, and Secretary Kim Hoon-Ki and lasted approximately 3 hours. Beginning with the 2018 business report, KPFA’s 2019 activity direction, business plan and cooperation plans with the FIFPro were discussed.

The board members, including President Lee Keun-Ho, came to a consensus of establishing intimate relationship with the Korea Football Association and the Korea Professional Football League for the development of Korean football and to actively protect the legitimate rights of the players. As a result, the board members agreed to host meetings 4 times (once every 3 months) per year.

KPFA President Lee Keun-Ho commented, “Professional football leagues worldwide are promoting the advancement of football through each nation’s FIFPro association. With the start of this board meeting, I hope the directors of the KPFA can come together and work towards the advancement of Korean football.” 

Regarding this board meeting, Secretary Kim Hoon-Ki mentioned, “With enthusiastic participation of President Lee Keun-Ho and all the directors, the first 2019 board meeting has encouraged ways to advance Korean football and is expected to deliver further productive discussions. Also, the discussed agenda will be cooperated with FIFPro in order to support the development of Korean Football.”


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