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KPFA presents hope to players in need, signs MOU with SPOGYM

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작성자 한국프로축구선수협회 작성일20-07-13 15:22
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Korea Pro-Footballer’s Association (KPFA), held an official sponsor agreement ceremony with ‘SPOGYM’.


KPFA claimed, “to sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the fitness center ‘SPOGYM’ in order to provide health advancement and to support training during off-season for the players.”


Secretary Kim Hoon-Ki of the KPFA commented, “SPOGYM has the state-of-the-art fitness facility. I’m pleased to sign the business agreement with SPOGYM. From now on, any player who joins the KPFA can freely visit the facility for training. All branches of SPOGYM is available for use.”


President Lee Keun-Ho of the KPFA promised, “We will strive to find multiple ways to boost player welfare. Individual training fees during off-season may be a burden for low-salary or free agent players. We hope to help these players to stay fit during off-season.”


KPFA aims to protect rights and improve treatment of the players through the signing of the MOU with sports science center, rehabilitation center, hospitals, and other sponsors and also plans to provide various training programs and sports equipment to free agent players or individual players difficult to exercise after season.


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