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October 30th, 2019: Kim Jin-Su of the National Football Team, talks ab…

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Philosopher Nietzsche said, “That which does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Same for the footballer, Kim Jin-Su. Despite the difficult situation throughout his career, Kim showed courage. He always spoke for the rights of ‘other players’ before his own. During the talk with the Korea Pro-Footballer’s Association (KPFA), Kim encouraged other players to be bold and discuss ‘player rights’.

KPFA events are usually held when the K-League is on break. However, Kim’s role in the national team makes it difficult for him to participate. Nevertheless, Kim is a player who gives his absolute support whenever a KPFA event is held.

Kim said, “KPFA is doing a lot of work but it’s a shame for me not being able to participate when the schedules does not allow. But I try to give as much as effort I can in return.”

Feeling responsible, Kim has further matured.

Kim started his professional career at Japan’s Albirex Niigata in 2012. After his time at TSG 1899 Hoffenheim, Kim is currently at Jeonbuk and is continuing his professional career. Kim has participated in 41 A matches and is now a senior member. After spending his professional career internationally, Kim is especially aware of player rights.

Kim said, “I am starting to see things I did not before. As the years passed by, I started to feel the responsibility of the national flag and the roles of a veteran player.” To be clear, Kim emphasized the senior players to step forward for the younger players during the entire interview. Maybe it was after the birth of his child that his responsibility strengthened. Kim did not deny.

“I told something to my wife after we had our child. Even though I haven’t had much social life experience being a football player, I think Korea is much more rigid compared to other countries. In the other hand, do you know what surprised me the most living 6 -7 years in Japan and Germany? The players did not hesitate to voice their personal thoughts. The managers would right away accept what was reasonable and think about which path to take depending on the changing situation. This made me think to raise my child to boldly claim what is believed to be right instead of following others even if 9 out of 10 people disagree” said Kim.

“There has never been a player like him” Kim’s belief.

Until now, most players had ‘passive’ stance toward KPFA events. Apart from the board members, it was difficult for the players to express their thoughts in the front line. That is why the best was to simply support the KPFA from behind and end the year in a stable manner.

However, Kim was different. More confidently than anyone else, he expressed his thoughts on the rights of the players instead of taking a ‘passive’ stand. A different aspect compared to other players.

The world of football points Kim as the most appropriate player for KPFA. An individual pointed out Kim as, “A courageous man who will take the lead when players are facing difficult and unfair treatment.”

 “When I first joined the KPFA, my wife was definitely worried. She said why do something that will make yourself criticized. What she said was right. However, if nothing changes right now, neither will the future. I just hope for the slightest positive change. Also, one thing I planned is to return the love I received from the fans. That is why I would like to participate in community services. But, I always feel sorry for my wife who is always concerned,” said Kim, expressing his gratitude to her.

 Kim today looks ahead 3, 10 years for change and thinks about the future of the players as well as the things to protect.


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