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Player’s Association, holding an emergency board meeting, “There shoul…

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Player’s Association, holding an emergency board meeting, “There shouldn’t be a wage cut without player’s consent”

Korea Pro-Footballer’s Association (KPFA), held the player’s association board meeting on April 14th. A video conference was held due to the social distancing campaign caused by COVID 19. President Lee Keun-Ho, Secretary Kim Hoon-ki, Park Joo-Ho, Vice President Yeom Ki-Hun, and including other 14 board members have attended this board meeting.

This board meeting included 2019 business report, 2020 business plan, and agenda of player’s wage cut due to COVID 19. 

President Lee Keun-Ho addressed that “Global industry is struggling due to the current COVID 19 situation. The football industry is also facing a problem of player’s contract stability, especially in Europe's big league. First, it is necessary to accurately analyze how much loss is caused by COVID 19”. 

Vice president Park Joo-Ho also had a similar idea. Vice president Park said that “No matter what results in our association presents, player’s opinions will be different. I currently heard that some K-league teams have donated by cutting player’s wages. However, it is important to not force them in any condition”

Secretary Kim Hoon-Ki in charge of the board meeting stated, “International organizations such as FIFPRO, FIFA, AFC’s all consider athletes’ contracts should be protected as a priority. Some countries are already exploiting the situation, including Venezuela (three-year salary cuts), Colombia (50 percent for men, cancellation of all-female contracts), and Indonesia (up to 75 percent). Low-paid players will face a fatal threat to their living in any form of salary cuts” 

Vice president Yeom Ki-Hun also emphasized communication with players. Vice president Yeom stated, “At times like this, the player should be cooperating as one. Especially protecting young and vulnerable players is necessary”.

In addition to that, Secretary Kim Hoon-Ki emphasized, “KFA and K League have recently created an atmosphere of salary cuts such as voluntarily donating from cut salaries. Other countries such as the U.K and Japan discuss with the player’s organization first, but we tend to decide and announce before communicating. There shouldn’t be salary cuts without player’s consent no matter what”

Lastly, President Lee Keun-Ho ended the boarding meeting saying, “It is time to pay more attention to players’ opinions. The player organization will put our best effort to overcome the COVID crisis”


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